In-flight restaurants are often chosen by culinary entrepreneurs to offer unique food. There you like to eat on a real plane.

As a business supporter. It is important to have unique. And interesting concept in restaurant outlets to be established. The unique and interesting concept will be the main attraction for prospective visitors. Establishing a restaurant on the plane seems to be a creative choice.

Yes, this restaurant is really owned by a fuselage. That is no longer in use. To make the atmosphere like on a real plane. Waiters at this restaurant look like flight attendants and stewards.

It will be more interesting if you provide unique spots to take pictures. For example, such as the cockpit, the pilot piloted the aircraft. Restaurants on this plane are not only abroad. But also in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Yogyakarta to Palembang.

Here are 5 unique in-flight restaurants to visit.

1. Plane in the City

Plane In The City is one of the restaurants on the plane that had been viral some time ago. This restaurant actually occupies the Boeing 737 aircraft type building. Reported from Insider (30/04/18) the restaurant on this plane is parked in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Plane In The City was opened since April 25, 2018. This unique restaurant operates every day. So it can be your culinary destination. There, visitors will be served three luxurious dinner dishes. The dishes are divided into three categories. Namely Economy, Business, and First Class classes.

Offering a unique dining sensation. Of course, the price offered for dining here is fairly high. Which ranges from Rp. 706 thousand to Rp. 3.5 million. In addition, each service also varies for each category.

Well, this restaurant also offers several photo spots. Such as the cockpit, cabin, and aircraft wing area. To take a picture there visitors are given time for 1.5 hours. Meanwhile, in one session the number of visitors was also limited. Namely only as many as 20 people.

2. Taman Santap Rumah Kayu

Restaurants in this one plane must be familiar. Known as Taman Santap Rumah Kayu which is located in the Ancol area, North Jakarta. Because it offers a different dining sensation. This restaurant is very popular with foodies.

The Taman Santap Rumah Kayu restaurant occupies Sriwijaya Air’s 737-400 aircraft type building. The plane was later transformed into a restaurant with many tables and chairs. Uniquely, the waiter there was also in uniform like a real flight attendant.

3. Jogja Airport Resto

In Yogyakarta, Central Java there are also restaurants on board. The restaurant is called Jogja Airport Resto. Located in Sleman Regency. This unique restaurant offers the sensation of eating at the airport and the plane. The waiter in this restaurant is also unique.

Before entering the aircraft cabin, you must pass through the lobby to make food orders. Well, this service is similar to when someone checks in for a plane ticket. After that, when you have entered the cabin. You will be greeted by a waiter.

Waiters there also wear uniforms. Such as flight attendants and flight attendants. Concerning the food. This unique restaurant also has a lot of menu choices. Such as Kampung Packages, Ndeso Packages, and Malay Packages. The food package can be eaten for four people.

4. B777 Sky Kitchen

B777 Sky Kitchen is an in-flight restaurant that can be found in Palembang. Precisely in Palembang Square. Offering the sensation of eating on the plane. Of course, the waiter in this restaurant also wears a uniform. Uniform like a flight attendant.

The food menu offered at this restaurant is also very diverse. Ranging from traditional menus to international menus. The restaurant is increasingly attractive. Because it offers a relatively cheap price. Which is around Rp 30 thousand to Rp 50 thousand.

5. McDonald’s

There are also famous fast-food restaurants that have outlets occupying aircraft buildings. The restaurant is McDonald’s in New Zealand. Precisely in Taupo. Quoting from Insider (27/5), the aircraft used are Douglas DC-3 type jets.

The in-flight restaurant can accommodate as many as 20 people. Inside has been arranged 10 pairs of chairs and tables for the visitor’s area. The arrangement is similar to the seats on the plane. The sensation of eating like this is offered at this unique restaurant.

Moreover, the cockpit on the plane is also not removed. And left in the restaurant. Unlike the other McDonald’s outlets. This one got an award as the Coolest McD outlet in 2013. It turns out that this unique restaurant is owned by a married couple Eileen Byrne and Des.