Various restaurants are present in Jakarta. Starting from fast-food restaurants to local specialty food restaurants, there are places to eat in Jakarta. Even so, most restaurants still use the same concept. There are still a few unique restaurant concepts that are present in Jakarta, even though in other parts of the world some people already use it.

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Intrigued by the restaurant concepts that we mean? Find out in the following article!

Floating Restaurant

Eating at a restaurant on the rooftop of a Jakarta skyscraper, such as Altitude, SKYE, or Henshin Restaurant is certainly a unique experience in itself. Seeing the view of the city of Jakarta from a height is one more value than eating on a rooftop.

But, have you ever imagined eating food at a table floating above the ground? Fungroup introduced a concept called Dinner in The Sky Genuine. In fact, more than 65 countries on 5 continents use this concept.

Usually, nearby buildings that are landmarks of a city is the hot location for this restaurant. Of course, it will be a unique experience to eat while relaxing around Monas with this concept.

Ice Restaurant

As Indonesian citizens, of course, living in extremely cold weather is unusual. Let alone living and struggle in cold weather for a long time, even in fairly cold weather, as a result of the rain, many of us immediately fell ill.

Even so, in a desert country like the United Arab Emirates, a frozen room could be a restaurant. This restaurant called Chillout Lounge looks like a typical Inuit house. Of course, it takes a very thick jacket, gloves, and even special shoes designed to withstand the cold of the room.

Don’t worry about freezing in the room, you will get a hot drink as one of the complimentary.

Bird’s Nest Restaurant

Bird’s nest is a place to eat? Of course, we are not referring to small bird nests, but artificial bird nests that can accommodate several adults in it.

This unique restaurant concept was first present in Thailand, to be precise at Soneva Kiri Resort. This concept is very similar to a bird’s nest, where there is wood woven in such a way that it becomes a solid place in a large tree. Usually, a restaurant like this is in the middle of a forest which has a stunning view.

If you have a restaurant with this concept in a Jakarta city park, it will certainly increase the public’s desire to come to visit city parks.

Underwater Restaurant

Eating in the middle of a mall or office is a common thing to find in Jakarta. However, what if you enjoy your meal while looking at the various marine animals passing around you?

A restaurant in the Maldives named Ithaa is so global with this one concept. The sensation of eating at a depth of 5 meters below sea level while accompanied by marine life will certainly be a unique experience that you will not be able to easily forget.

In Bali, a restaurant with this concept already available by November 2019. If this concept can be presented in Ancol, it will certainly be a booster for tourism in the northern area of ​​Jakarta.

Earthquake Restaurant

Have you ever felt an earthquake with a strength of up to 7.8 on the Richter scale? Especially when you are enjoying lunch or dinner at a restaurant. It will certainly cause tremendous panic.

Spain has a restaurant that uses this unique theme. Instead of being abandoned by this strange concept, visitors are willing to queue to feel the sensation of eating in the middle of an earthquake with this sizeable strength.

If it can be present in Indonesia, this unique restaurant concept will certainly be a learning place for people in Indonesia which are known to be prone to earthquakes.

Children’s Restaurant

Have a child who dreams of becoming a great chef in the future? Or want to teach your children to get to know the kitchen and its contents from an early age? This unique restaurant concept is perfect to be presented in Jakarta.

Kinderkookkafe in Amsterdam, the Netherlands is one of the restaurants famous for this concept. In this restaurant, all restaurant operations will be carried out by children aged 5-12 years. Starting from being a Chef, Cashier, to Waiter can be done at this restaurant. Of course, there is supervision from adults so that things that are not desirable happen.

There is nothing wrong with teaching children from an early age to reach their dreams in the future through a restaurant.

Robot Restaurant

In an age where technology is increasingly developing, the presence of robots in our daily lives cannot be avoided anymore. It is not impossible in the next few years human work is already done by robots. One proof that robots are able to replace the role of humans can be seen in restaurants that embrace the concept of a restaurant robot.

Various countries have used this concept. There are robots in charge of greeting and taking orders, some are cooking, some are even in charge of entertaining guests by dancing.

If all of these robots can be put together in one restaurant, it will certainly make humans in the future really lose their jobs. However, of course, it will be a unique experience to enjoy the food served by the robot.

Conflict Restaurant

We certainly know that in past Indonesia was a colony of the Portuguese, Dutch, British and Japanese. What if all the specialties of that country were present in one restaurant?

A tavern in the United States introduced this concept. Conflict Kitchen only serves food originating from countries that have experienced conflicts in the United States, such as Palestine and Iraq.

If a restaurant in Jakarta is able to present sushi, poffertjes, Caldo Verde, and fish and chips in one place, it will certainly make it easier for us to find a restaurant that suits our taste.

Naked Sushi

You can find various types of sushi restaurants in Jakarta, from luxurious to cheap but you can easily get a winning taste in all corners of Jakarta. But, have you ever imagined eating sushi served on the human body?

In Japan, there are several restaurants that serve sushi on a human body, on top of a woman who is not wearing clothes. This naked sushi concept is crazy. Even though the woman’s body has sushi on top, there are several rules that must be obeyed. Speaking, touching, and doing indecently to models is the prohibition. If the quest disobeys the rule, there will be a penalty.

Maybe this concept is quite vulgar and many parties will oppose it. But, of course, it would be unique if there were restaurants in Jakarta that dared to use this concept.

So, among the 9 restaurant concepts above, which one makes you the most curious?