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3 Cheap Dining Options at Changi Airport, Singapore

Airports are usually very well known for the high prices of food or drinks. The price of food or drinks at the airport is expensive. Because the price of renting space at the airport is expensive. How come? Because the location inside the airport is a prime location with a high target market. The people at the airport are usually people with business interests. As well as people who are on vacation and ready to use the money. And usually, even though the price is expensive, if you are stuck, you don’t want the customer to pay.

Cheap Alternative Places to Eat

Singapore has a different image. If you say to eat at the Hawker Center, the prices there are quite cheap. But if you want to find quality food or coffee at cafes/coffee shops and especially in restaurants. The price can be higher than cafes in Australia. If so, does that mean that if you want to eat at Changi Airport in Singapore, you will have to pay a high price too? Hey … don’t immediately play assumptions. It turns out that the prices of food and drinks at several spots at Changi Airport are much cheaper. Than Ngurah Rai airport in Bali (especially in the international departure terminal area).

Some time ago we had a long transit at Changi Airport. About 7 hours before we had to go to the gate. Because we were lazy to leave the airport. We ended up spending time crunching the airport to several terminals and had time to eat at 3 places. In our opinion, these three places are arguably very affordable and cheap for the price at the airport. Indeed, not all places to eat at Changi Airport are cheap, so if the price is a consideration. You have to be smart in finding places to eat.

Here we share 3 choices of cheap places to eat at Singapore Changi Airport:

1. Staff Canteen

Location: Terminal 2, land-side

There has been a lot of information circulating that the staff canteen is a “secret place”. Where we can enjoy cheap food at Singapore Changi Airport. There is nothing secret about this place because this place is open to the public. Open daily from 6 a.m to 10 p.m. There is more than one location (possibly in each terminal). Only this time we had time to stop by the Staff Canteen in the parking building of Terminal 2. Lift to Staff Canteen Changi
How to get to Staff Canteen Terminal 2 Changi Airport:

How to get to Staff Canteen Terminal 2 Changi Airport:

  • Benchmarks from the front of McDonald’s inside the arrival Terminal 2 building.
  • from there turn left towards the exit leading to the parking deck
  • Inside the parking building, walk a little to the left until you find an elevator (number 7). On the right, there is a row of elevators. But if you go up, it can only reach the 3rd floor. While the staff canteen is on the 3M floor.
  • take elevator number 7 to get to the 3M floor
  • there is an inscription “Staff Canteen by Kopitiam”

There you will see a row of machines with the words top-up kiosk. Don’t panic. If you don’t have a card, you can still pay using cash. At first, we wanted to buy a card (2 SGD) to top it up. But the person next door said we didn’t need to buy a card, just pay cash. OK.

Is it true that food and drinks are cheap? We had time to eat ‘noodle with chicken meatball’ (HALAL) and a cup of Hainanese milk coffee. Chicken meatball noodles cost S $5.00 while a cup of Hainanese coffee is only S $0.90. For meals, it can be S $3.00 or S $4.00 for a plate of rice with vegetables. You say it’s cheap, it’s pretty cheap, but it’s back again depending on the menu. There are also prices around S $7-9.

2. Food Emporium

Location: Terminal 4, land-side

Because the terminal is still new, the food court also feels new. Clean, bright, modern design and quite a lot of food choices. To go to the Food Emporium. Go from the departure area to the right until you find an escalator that is tilted. As soon as you go up the escalator at the end you will see the words Food Emporium.

Here we ate BBQ beef rice (S $5.50), Hainanese style coffee milk (S $1.30), and ice honey lemon (S $2.00). Pay directly at the respective counters. It is still very cheap compared to prices at other airports.

3. Food Gallery

Location: Terminal 1, water-side

This last spot is inside Terminal 1, after passing through immigration. The food court does look a bit old and not too big. But still not bad, there are several choices of heavy meals at affordable prices. Pay directly to the respective counters.

We ate from the counter of Kedai Kiliney Kopi: iced tea with hot milk coffee. And rich toast and butter-rich toast. The total is S $9.40 for 2 people. It’s pretty filling!

Have a nice culinary experience inside Singapore Changi Airport! If you are confused about what to eat. You can take a peek at these 11 special culinary delights that must be tried in Singapore.

9 Unique Restaurant Concept

9 Unique Restaurant Concept That Never Been Implemented in Jakarta

Various restaurants are present in Jakarta. Starting from fast-food restaurants to local specialty food restaurants, there are places to eat in Jakarta. Even so, most restaurants still use the same concept. There are still a few unique restaurant concepts that are present in Jakarta, even though in other parts of the world some people already use it.

Food Adventures

Intrigued by the restaurant concepts that we mean? Find out in the following article!

Floating Restaurant

Eating at a restaurant on the rooftop of a Jakarta skyscraper, such as Altitude, SKYE, or Henshin Restaurant is certainly a unique experience in itself. Seeing the view of the city of Jakarta from a height is one more value than eating on a rooftop.

But, have you ever imagined eating food at a table floating above the ground? Fungroup introduced a concept called Dinner in The Sky Genuine. In fact, more than 65 countries on 5 continents use this concept.

Usually, nearby buildings that are landmarks of a city is the hot location for this restaurant. Of course, it will be a unique experience to eat while relaxing around Monas with this concept.

Ice Restaurant

As Indonesian citizens, of course, living in extremely cold weather is unusual. Let alone living and struggle in cold weather for a long time, even in fairly cold weather, as a result of the rain, many of us immediately fell ill.

Even so, in a desert country like the United Arab Emirates, a frozen room could be a restaurant. This restaurant called Chillout Lounge looks like a typical Inuit house. Of course, it takes a very thick jacket, gloves, and even special shoes designed to withstand the cold of the room.

Don’t worry about freezing in the room, you will get a hot drink as one of the complimentary.

Bird’s Nest Restaurant

Bird’s nest is a place to eat? Of course, we are not referring to small bird nests, but artificial bird nests that can accommodate several adults in it.

This unique restaurant concept was first present in Thailand, to be precise at Soneva Kiri Resort. This concept is very similar to a bird’s nest, where there is wood woven in such a way that it becomes a solid place in a large tree. Usually, a restaurant like this is in the middle of a forest which has a stunning view.

If you have a restaurant with this concept in a Jakarta city park, it will certainly increase the public’s desire to come to visit city parks.

Underwater Restaurant

Eating in the middle of a mall or office is a common thing to find in Jakarta. However, what if you enjoy your meal while looking at the various marine animals passing around you?

A restaurant in the Maldives named Ithaa is so global with this one concept. The sensation of eating at a depth of 5 meters below sea level while accompanied by marine life will certainly be a unique experience that you will not be able to easily forget.

In Bali, a restaurant with this concept already available by November 2019. If this concept can be presented in Ancol, it will certainly be a booster for tourism in the northern area of ​​Jakarta.

Earthquake Restaurant

Have you ever felt an earthquake with a strength of up to 7.8 on the Richter scale? Especially when you are enjoying lunch or dinner at a restaurant. It will certainly cause tremendous panic.

Spain has a restaurant that uses this unique theme. Instead of being abandoned by this strange concept, visitors are willing to queue to feel the sensation of eating in the middle of an earthquake with this sizeable strength.

If it can be present in Indonesia, this unique restaurant concept will certainly be a learning place for people in Indonesia which are known to be prone to earthquakes.

Children’s Restaurant

Have a child who dreams of becoming a great chef in the future? Or want to teach your children to get to know the kitchen and its contents from an early age? This unique restaurant concept is perfect to be presented in Jakarta.

Kinderkookkafe in Amsterdam, the Netherlands is one of the restaurants famous for this concept. In this restaurant, all restaurant operations will be carried out by children aged 5-12 years. Starting from being a Chef, Cashier, to Waiter can be done at this restaurant. Of course, there is supervision from adults so that things that are not desirable happen.

There is nothing wrong with teaching children from an early age to reach their dreams in the future through a restaurant.

Robot Restaurant

In an age where technology is increasingly developing, the presence of robots in our daily lives cannot be avoided anymore. It is not impossible in the next few years human work is already done by robots. One proof that robots are able to replace the role of humans can be seen in restaurants that embrace the concept of a restaurant robot.

Various countries have used this concept. There are robots in charge of greeting and taking orders, some are cooking, some are even in charge of entertaining guests by dancing.

If all of these robots can be put together in one restaurant, it will certainly make humans in the future really lose their jobs. However, of course, it will be a unique experience to enjoy the food served by the robot.

Conflict Restaurant

We certainly know that in past Indonesia was a colony of the Portuguese, Dutch, British and Japanese. What if all the specialties of that country were present in one restaurant?

A tavern in the United States introduced this concept. Conflict Kitchen only serves food originating from countries that have experienced conflicts in the United States, such as Palestine and Iraq.

If a restaurant in Jakarta is able to present sushi, poffertjes, Caldo Verde, and fish and chips in one place, it will certainly make it easier for us to find a restaurant that suits our taste.

Naked Sushi

You can find various types of sushi restaurants in Jakarta, from luxurious to cheap but you can easily get a winning taste in all corners of Jakarta. But, have you ever imagined eating sushi served on the human body?

In Japan, there are several restaurants that serve sushi on a human body, on top of a woman who is not wearing clothes. This naked sushi concept is crazy. Even though the woman’s body has sushi on top, there are several rules that must be obeyed. Speaking, touching, and doing indecently to models is the prohibition. If the quest disobeys the rule, there will be a penalty.

Maybe this concept is quite vulgar and many parties will oppose it. But, of course, it would be unique if there were restaurants in Jakarta that dared to use this concept.

So, among the 9 restaurant concepts above, which one makes you the most curious?

Unique Concept of Transportation Restaurants in Surabaya

Choosing where to eat, now is no longer just a matter of tongue and stomach. Places to eat that are uniquely designed. And attractive are proven to be able to provide extraordinary sensations for culinary connoisseurs. So, it is not surprising that this unique restaurant. Or cafe with a nuance of transportation in Surabaya has become a favorite of customers.

The Unique Concept

Entering the main room of The Noodles Airlines Eatery seemed to open the aircraft cabin. At first glance, visitors will not feel inside a restaurant. Therefore, the design of the restaurant which is located on Jl. Manyar Kertoarjo V/12 was really made as closely as possible to an aircraft cabin. Inside the restaurant. There are 34 blue seats arranged parallel to each other. The lighting, the arrangement of the table. And the accessories remind us of one of the airlines. The interior design was made exactly like airplanes. Small window clusters with pictures of clouds make visitors feel like flying in the air.


In order to feel the atmosphere more inside the aircraft. Visitors are also served by waitresses dressed as flight attendants and aircraft captains. Friendly, the waiters deliver the dishes ordered by customers using the trolley. In fact, in the midst of eating activities. The visitors also hear instructions. Or guides like when going on an airplane. Visitors are instructed to tighten the seat belts, to close the aircraft window. “We really want to show a restaurant that is really similar to the cabin atmosphere on an airplane,” said Valeriana Rosmaya (23), owner of The Noodles Airline Eatery.

Valeriana is not alone in running this business. Together with her two friends, Regina Verayanti (22) and Chrysilla Natahania (22). They opened this restaurant since May 17, 2013. The main idea sparks when the three of them watched Habibie and Ainun. At that time, they were thinking of making a restaurant with an airplane concept. Because they want to continue the work of the former President of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) in a different way. “We really can’t make airplanes. But at least, we can make a cafe with an airplane concept like this, “added Vera.

You could say the restaurant open every time. 11:00 to 22:00 are the busy hours for the restaurant. The majority, visitors are family and children. Especially airplane souvenirs girts for kids customers. Not surprisingly, every day. They are able to spend 100 to 250 servings of food menus. In fact, in the near future. They plan to open branches in the West Surabaya area. “From the beginning, we promote this place intensively massive. And now, there are quite a lot of customers here,” Valeriana said.

Inside The Dream

In other places, the people of Surabaya are certainly familiar with the Dream Cars restaurant. The restaurant with 10 classic car ornaments is one of the places to eat which is quite a lot of loyal fans. In fact, the artist had even stopped at the restaurant. Call it like Bondan Winarno, Ayushita, Nunung, and Andre Taulany. Then Sule, Kevin Julio, Marcell Chnadrawinata. And a series of other capital artists. Amazingly, Dream Cars are the only restaurant with full classic car design. And won the World Record. And MURI awards as a unique restaurant nuanced classic cars.

Dream Cars owner. Bobby Handojo explained the concept of this classic car restaurant is a long time dream. Noted. There are seats and wall hangings transformed from 10 classic cars from his father’s private collection. One type of red Mercedes Benz Limousine output in 1949 made into a dining table for 20 people.

There is also a modified Chevrolet Corvette output from 1969 into an aquarium. It takes a long time and a large amount of money to create a restaurant with this family’s target market. “If it is a hobby it is difficult to describe. Restaurants with this concept have been our dream for a long time. And this is why we name it the Dream Cars restaurant,” said Bobby.

Grand Opening

The restaurant, open for service officially on February 14, 2010. Various groups of people spread information and visit this restaurant. Although the interior design is quite luxurious. They offer a fairly friendly price. Vulnerable prices for food in Dream Cars range from Rp 20 thousand. Bobby did not dismiss. The main advantage of the restaurant he made lies in the interior design. The alumni of the University of Surabaya (Ubaya) also explained that a group of classic cars in his restaurant had their own magnets. “Our superiority is on the design. Only certain segments like the vintage style like this, “he explained.

Indonesian Famous Restaurant

Indigenous Indonesian Restaurant Strategy to Survive the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit almost all businesses, including food. Even the established family-based culinary businesses affected by the pandemic. For example, Tugimin business, Pak Min’s Chicken Soup, which is now trying to survive and fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Family Culinary Businesses Pak Min’s Chicken Soup and Gudeg Yu Djum Rack Their Brains

Sop Ayam Pak MinAfter Tugimin’s death, the chicken soup business from Klaten, Central Java. The business run by his four children, Sihono, Sih Mulyoto, Triyono, and Ragil. Each of his four children managed to establish dozens of branches all over Indonesia. His second son, Sih Mulyoto, for example, has 39 branches throughout Indonesia.

Tri Saki Budi Hartono, who works as the operational person in charge of Pak Min Chicken Soup. Managed by Sih Mulyoto, who admits that his profits have dropped dramatically due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In the past, the average net profit was Rp. 35 million to Rp. 40 million per month, now it is around Rp. 4 million,” said Tri when contacted by Tirto reporter, Friday (17/7/2020).

“We are now only defending so that employees can still work,” he added.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused sales to drop dramatically, buyers unmitigatedly decreased by more than 60 percent. However, even though the profits were insignificant they still open their stalls and manage a strategy. About 400 employees in all branches are working in shifts. According to him, this solution is the best rather than having to terminate employment (layoffs).

“For example, in one shop there are 20 employees who work only 10 of them take turns,” he said.

They also have to do it to convince buyers that their stalls are safe from COVID-19. Employees must wear masks and always have their body temperature measured before starting work. Meanwhile, even though there are not many buyers at their stalls. Buyers must keep their distance by sitting on the available spot.

Rely on Gudeg Cans

Warung Gudeg Yu Djum too. After Djuwariyah, the pioneer of the Gudeg Yu Djum shop passed away. The Yogyakarta culinary business passed to Djuwariyah’s children and even grandchildren.

The first shop Djuwariyah start, now passed to the son. Harianto and his wife Eni Widiastuty. Gudeng Yu Djum 167 is one of the restaurant in Kampung Wijilan, Yogyakarta City.

Eni Widiastuty told Tirto, Friday (17/7) that since the pandemic, its sales have decreased drastically. Several days at the start of the pandemic, he even had to close the shop. The area of ​​Kampung Wijilan, which was a tourist destination, was quiet.

Eni also faced a dilemma at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. He has to choose two options to keep opening the shop with minimal income. Or closing the shop at the expense of his employees.

“If we close, we will continue to feel sorry for the employees. Even if we open, we have to pay employees while the income drops drastically,” said Eni.

The Beginning of Canned Gudeg

He then took various ways. The canned gudeg product that has been produced so far was intensified again to get income. He has promoted through various media. Also took advantage of the food delivery service. This was quite helpful to keep earning income, he stated. Even though sales were not as busy as before the pandemic.

Eni seemed a little grateful entered mid-June 2020, he said there had been a slight increase. This is none other than the aftermath of government policy. That began to loosen residents to do activities outside the home. But as a consequence, stalls also have to implement strict health protocols.

He must prepare masks and face shields for employees as well as hand sanitizer. “Indeed, we have to spend a lot, but we can’t increase the price of [food],” he said.

Relax Tourism

The Governor of the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X has previously allowed regencies/cities to reopen. Places such as tourist attractions, hotels, and restaurants. The Sultan hopes that the economy will continue to grow even in the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pulse of the people’s economy in Yogyakarta, among others, comes from the tourism sector. With easing the policy, they believe the economy will return to a beat.

According to the Sultan, economic activities and COVID-19 prevention must go hand in hand. Because according to him no one can confirm when this pandemic will end.

“I also communicate with the regents. No problem. Please if you want to open a hotel, restaurant, tourist attraction and so on. Go ahead,” said the Sultan to reporters on Thursday (2/7/2020).

Professor of Economics at the University of Gadjah Mada (UGM), Mudrajad Kuncoro. He said that the decline in the tourism sector in Yogyakarta during the pandemic also affected restaurants and hotels. This then caused economic growth in the ‘student city’ to contract by minus more than 5 percent.

According to him, with the current condition of Yogyakarta, coupled with an increase in inequality and poverty. It will take a long time to restore Yogyakarta’s economy.

Unique Restaurant Offers Different Dining Sensations

The proliferation of restaurant businesses led to various types of concepts. This unique concept is another attraction for visitors. Here are 5 references.

The culinary business never dies. Its development is very diverse with many different concepts. Some restaurants come with unusual concepts by offering a different dining experience.

Research Jakarta Dining Index released by, a restaurant search and reservation site in Jakarta. Said that the number of middle and upper-class restaurants during the last five years increased by 250%.

The research shows that more and more people in Jakarta like to eat in restaurants. Throughout 2013, the Jakarta community visited 380 million times. Besides the trend of visiting restaurants is not just triggered by the biological needs of people to eat.

However, as well as being a place for socialization. The rapid growth of social media users. In the last five years has also driven the trend of eating in restaurants. People like to display their photos when in a good restaurant.

For this reason, many new players offer different concepts. Not only interesting food menus. But they make the interior and theme of the restaurant as attractive. As possible to pamper culinary lovers with a different atmosphere while dining.

The following are five unique concept restaurants that must be on your culinary hunting list:

1. Hospitalis Restaurant & Bar

If you have been treated in a hospital. You must have eaten hospital food that is said to be tasteless. But the culinary offered by this hospital is different from the general hospital menu. This hospital is a restaurant located on Jl. Ahmad Dahlan No.31 Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.

Hospitalis Restaurant & Bar carries the concept of hospital as their interior design. Not only the building that looks like a hospital. But the interior starts from the seating and tableware used.

This restaurant serves a variety of processed seafood, beef, and chicken. The restaurant  guaranteeing to make your stress pain disappear with their food. Likewise, the pain of longing with old friends also helped. Ready to try different sensations to eat.

2. Bong Kopitown

The first restaurant resembles a hospital, this one resembles a prison. Bong Kopitown makes you feel like an ‘inmate’. But surely you will not refuse if imprisoned here. The dish not will be serving like in the original prison.

You can order a delicious and delicious food menu. In stark contrast to the food in the original prison. Bong Chandra is the founding of Bong Kopitown cafe. One of the young entrepreneurs who is also a writer. Carrying a unique theme that is expected to be an attraction.

With a unique concept proven to make this restaurant a bustling cup visited. Located on Boulevard Raya Blok PD1 No. 5-6, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. And several branches like the one on Citywalk Sudirman Lt. GF No. 15-16, Plaza Semanggi Lt. 3 No. 9. And in cities outside Jakarta.

3. The Lab Café

Not only hospitals and prisons are made into a restaurant concept, this one has a laboratory theme. The cafe in Ruko Crown Golf, Blok D, No. 29, Jalan Pantai Indah Kapuk carries the atmosphere of a laboratory complete with all objects related to the laboratory.

The cutlery used to serve food in the form of measuring cups, test tubes, and other lab items. The food menu also uses quite unique names. Like Wildberry Tea, Jasmine Green Tea with Orange Bubble, and also Crepes Madness.

4. Samudera Laut 73

Feel the atmosphere of eating as if you were on a boat certainly is very interesting to try. Oceanic shades with aquariums and sea ornaments and porthole will add to the atmosphere of the sea. Not to mention the aquarium-shaped table with beautiful fishes that accompany our meal.

The restaurant is located on Jl. Boulevard Raya Blok QA1 No.2. Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. Nuka every day from 10 am to 10 pm. Samudera Laut 73 serves archipelago food and various salmon in various forms.

Like salmon steak, salmon meatballs, salmon pasta, and much more at a friendly price too. This place is very fitting to be visited at dinner. So that the romantic atmosphere and beauty of the sea can really be felt.

5. Namaaz Dining

Well, the last restaurant reference is Namaaz Dining. This one restaurant does not offer a concept on the interior. And the atmosphere of the restaurant but on an unusual food menu. Namaaz dining is known as one of the unique restaurants in Jakarta. Which is famous for its very unique fine dining menu.

Just imagine the serving a packing chicken curry dish you will get. In the form of wooden pencils and notepaper that looks worn out. In addition, there are also green beans that are packaged in the form of a mixture with foam topping. Aren’t this interesting ideat to try these unique restaurants?

3 Tips for Creating Effective Logistics Strategies

Understanding the importance of a good logistics strategy is one thing; putting plans into action is another. To assist in the creation of strategies, here are three ways some manufacturers strengthen their logistics organizations and improve services. Three strategies for creating effective logistics strategies such as:


One way to create an effective logistics strategy is to always connect with suppliers, partners and companies. Digital transformation enables manufacturers to design logistical strategies that connect them with suppliers, partners and companies wherever they are. Whether in cities or around the world. And it makes a difference in several ways:


Forming closer relationships with suppliers and partners helps in the planning process, increasing sourcing, managing supplier risks. And increasing cooperation to support long-term plans for company growth, innovation, and sustainability.


Producers no longer only react to logistical disruptions – they can anticipate them, create network models. Make scenarios of what will happen and make adjustments as conditions change.


With direct access to data, producers get a clear understanding of how well they handle operations. With metrics related to speed, inventory, and finance.

Smart Factory

One way to create effective logistics strategies is to implement smart manufacturing. Smart manufacturing is about using real-time data. And technology anytime and anywhere that people and machines need the most – and in the forms they need. The technology that makes waves in logistics is smart sensors.

Equipped with GPS, smart sensors will track the location of assets, vehicles, inventory, and even workers. Manufacturers now use smart sensor data to see at what point delivery locations, fleet trucking locations, and much more. Data also helps predict and confirm when assets arrive and when they leave warehouses, distribution centers, and retail stores.

Notification that an asset is not in its place should also alert producers to potential problems. Or even theft in the supply chain. This can facilitate the company

Lean Manufacturing

One way to create an effective logistics strategy is to use lean manufacturing. Lean manufacturing is not only profitable because it streamlines production operations. But it is also profitable because it streamlines warehouse and fleet operations. Considering the cost of the product is largely dependent on the factor of transportation and storage costs in the warehouse. If we can make efficiency of these factors, the company’s profits will be increased. For example, a common problem that often occurs in operational processes is the length of time required for shipping goods. The lean manufacturing method will ensure that the storage system of goods in the warehouse becomes easier to track goods. Speed up shipping and build better communication between warehouse employees.

Outside the warehouse, lean manufacturing may involve finding more efficient routes for the factory fleet. Tracking unscheduled stops or rounds from drivers, or simplifying the flow of traffic in and out of company facilities.

The logistics strategy that is successfully implemented becomes very important for companies. That is dedicated to maintaining service levels at the highest level despite changes in the supply chain. Remember, the ultimate goal of any logistics strategy is to deliver the right product to customers. With the right quality, at the right price, at the right time. In the right place by spending as little money as possible.

By reviewing logistics organizations, and creating or reconfiguring logistical strategies. Companies will be able to better meet the demands of customers and end-users of products that are always changing.




5 Restaurants in Aircraft that Offer Unique Sensations

In-flight restaurants are often chosen by culinary entrepreneurs to offer unique food. There you like to eat on a real plane.

As a business supporter. It is important to have unique. And interesting concept in restaurant outlets to be established. The unique and interesting concept will be the main attraction for prospective visitors. Establishing a restaurant on the plane seems to be a creative choice.

Yes, this restaurant is really owned by a fuselage. That is no longer in use. To make the atmosphere like on a real plane. Waiters at this restaurant look like flight attendants and stewards.

It will be more interesting if you provide unique spots to take pictures. For example, such as the cockpit, the pilot piloted the aircraft. Restaurants on this plane are not only abroad. But also in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Yogyakarta to Palembang.

Here are 5 unique in-flight restaurants to visit.

1. Plane in the City

Plane In The City is one of the restaurants on the plane that had been viral some time ago. This restaurant actually occupies the Boeing 737 aircraft type building. Reported from Insider (30/04/18) the restaurant on this plane is parked in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Plane In The City was opened since April 25, 2018. This unique restaurant operates every day. So it can be your culinary destination. There, visitors will be served three luxurious dinner dishes. The dishes are divided into three categories. Namely Economy, Business, and First Class classes.

Offering a unique dining sensation. Of course, the price offered for dining here is fairly high. Which ranges from Rp. 706 thousand to Rp. 3.5 million. In addition, each service also varies for each category.

Well, this restaurant also offers several photo spots. Such as the cockpit, cabin, and aircraft wing area. To take a picture there visitors are given time for 1.5 hours. Meanwhile, in one session the number of visitors was also limited. Namely only as many as 20 people.

2. Taman Santap Rumah Kayu

Restaurants in this one plane must be familiar. Known as Taman Santap Rumah Kayu which is located in the Ancol area, North Jakarta. Because it offers a different dining sensation. This restaurant is very popular with foodies.

The Taman Santap Rumah Kayu restaurant occupies Sriwijaya Air’s 737-400 aircraft type building. The plane was later transformed into a restaurant with many tables and chairs. Uniquely, the waiter there was also in uniform like a real flight attendant.

3. Jogja Airport Resto

In Yogyakarta, Central Java there are also restaurants on board. The restaurant is called Jogja Airport Resto. Located in Sleman Regency. This unique restaurant offers the sensation of eating at the airport and the plane. The waiter in this restaurant is also unique.

Before entering the aircraft cabin, you must pass through the lobby to make food orders. Well, this service is similar to when someone checks in for a plane ticket. After that, when you have entered the cabin. You will be greeted by a waiter.

Waiters there also wear uniforms. Such as flight attendants and flight attendants. Concerning the food. This unique restaurant also has a lot of menu choices. Such as Kampung Packages, Ndeso Packages, and Malay Packages. The food package can be eaten for four people.

4. B777 Sky Kitchen

B777 Sky Kitchen is an in-flight restaurant that can be found in Palembang. Precisely in Palembang Square. Offering the sensation of eating on the plane. Of course, the waiter in this restaurant also wears a uniform. Uniform like a flight attendant.

The food menu offered at this restaurant is also very diverse. Ranging from traditional menus to international menus. The restaurant is increasingly attractive. Because it offers a relatively cheap price. Which is around Rp 30 thousand to Rp 50 thousand.

5. McDonald’s

There are also famous fast-food restaurants that have outlets occupying aircraft buildings. The restaurant is McDonald’s in New Zealand. Precisely in Taupo. Quoting from Insider (27/5), the aircraft used are Douglas DC-3 type jets.

The in-flight restaurant can accommodate as many as 20 people. Inside has been arranged 10 pairs of chairs and tables for the visitor’s area. The arrangement is similar to the seats on the plane. The sensation of eating like this is offered at this unique restaurant.

Moreover, the cockpit on the plane is also not removed. And left in the restaurant. Unlike the other McDonald’s outlets. This one got an award as the Coolest McD outlet in 2013. It turns out that this unique restaurant is owned by a married couple Eileen Byrne and Des.

Understanding the Importance of Logistics Management

The concept of Logistics Management consists of the process of planning. Implementing and controlling the efficient flow of raw materials. Processed goods and finished goods and related information – from the point of origin to the point of consumption. With the aim of providing satisfaction to customers.

Speaking of logistics is not far from the name of the inventory. In the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), logistics means the procurement, maintenance, distribution, the supply of equipment, supplies, and employment.

The word logistics itself can be interpreted as procurement. Then logistics also has a close relationship with inventory management. Inventory management is an activity to maintain the amount of inventory.

Many people assume that Logistics is the same as the Warehouse. In fact, basically Logistics and warehouses are two different things. The warehouse is a place to store goods and is one form of logistics activities, while logistics means a broader process. Not just warehousing but also involves the acquisition of goods, handling, controlling, and shipping.

Information technology is one of the most important parts of Logistics Management. The development of Information and Technology today. Allows a company to find the product they want anytime and anywhere in the world.

Understanding Logistics Management

Logistics Management is one of the important components. Supply Chain Management which is used to meet customer demand through planning. Implementing, controlling the efficiency, and effectiveness of flow. Storage of goods, service services, and related information from the starting point to the destination point. Logistics Management can help companies reduce costs and improve service to customers (customers).

The Purpose of Logistics Management

Logistics Management Objectives can be divided into two, namely General Purpose and Special Purpose. The following explanation:

1. General Purpose

The general objectives of Logistics Management consist of Operational Objectives and Financial Objectives. Operational Objectives are intended so that the available inventory of goods has accuracy in quantity. And quality standards in accordance with quality management standards. While financial goals emphasize more on the efficiency of costs incurred.

2. Special Purpose

In essence, the Special Purpose of Logistics Management focuses more on achieving organizational goals effectively and efficiently.

Logistics Management which involves processing orders, warehousing, handling raw materials/products, packaging, and shipping methods is also a sector. That is growing very rapidly in the business world. Without the support of good Logistics Management. The company’s Production and Marketing activities will be very difficult to carry out.

Benefits of Logistics Management

In addition to having a goal, the Management system in Logistics also provides benefits, especially for companies. The benefits of having Logistics Management are as follows:

  • The company can carry out operational management activities properly
  • Companies can focus more on other fields of management because the needs of goods are available
  • Provide special facilities for storage and transportation facilities for the distribution of goods
  • Provide good service to customers and stakeholders (suppliers)
  • Maintain the availability of goods
  • Make it easy to get suppliers with good quality goods.
  • Make special delivery services
  • Anticipate problems that might occur quickly, precisely, and accurately
  • Providing information is more organized and runs smoothly
  • Build consumer confidence and foster customer loyalty to the company.

Logistics Management Activities

A well-implemented logistics management will help companies reduce costs and improve customer service. So that the company becomes more productive and increases company profits.

Logistics Management activities include:

1. Planning

The purpose of logistics planning means the process of one activity to think, examine. Calculate and formulate actions to be taken in the future relating to operational activities in managing logistics. The use of logistics, as well as organizing, and controlling logistics.

2. Organizing

Namely, the activities are undertaken to design and formulate formal structures as an effort to manage logistics. By carrying out activities of grouping, organizing. And distributing activities or tasks as well as the authority to each work unit or member of the organization.

3. Supervision

Supervision means an effort to maintain the implementation of every action. And activity in logistics management in accordance with a predetermined plan both related to the use of logistics. The process in progress, and the results and outputs of the logistics management which are forms of supervision.

4. Procurement

Have the intention of all activities to provide logistics in accordance with the needs both related to the type. And specifications of the amount of time and place with prices and sources that can be accounted for

5. Recording/Inventory

Inventory is an activity of providing data or all logistics owned, controlled, and managed by a company. Both for the results of its own manufacturing business, the purchase of gifts or grants.

6. Storage (storage)

This means that administrative and operational logistical management activity is related to the formulation. And the implementation of administrative work arrangements and the arrangement of goods in storage (warehouses).

7. Distribution

Distribution here means logistics management activities related to the distribution. And delivery of logistics to units that need it in accordance with a predetermined work system.

8. Maintenance

What is meant by maintenance here is an activity in the framework of managing logistics related to efforts. To maintain the technical condition of the usability. And results of logistics as well as to ensure the period of time. The use of goods reaches an optimal deadline.

9. Deletion

The intention is an activity to free logistics from liability that applies both physically. And administratively because the function of the logistics has been deemed ineffective or has no use-value.

Logistics Management System

The more complex the network in the supply chain (production location, warehousing, and consumer distance). The more dynamic the consumer demand, and the increasing competition. The company is required to make important decisions in a quick time and must consider all parties in the company.

Good decisions must be supported by reliable infrastructure and information. The point is that there is valid data available on time. As well as infrastructure that ensures information security from viruses and unauthorized interference from parties.

An information system is a system that functions to process data into information. Its function is to summarize data as input, the process by doing calculations, combining data elements. Up-dating and others, and obtaining information as output.

Information system elements include:

  1. Transaction processing information system
  2. Information system for managers
  3. Intelligence information system
  4. Decision support system

Logistics Management Information System is an information system that is integrated between humans and computers. Functions in inventory management in order to provide information for analysis, planning, operations, and control. In supporting management decision making in an organization.

RedERP, like an ERP system, makes it easy to manage business operations automatically and in an integrated way, from accounting. Procurement, inventory, and distribution systems to customers and sales management.

Some Tips for Breaking the Fasting when Traveling by Car

Breaking fast during a trip can be due to several reasons, such as traveling for long distances. Can also pass a jam so that it escapes iftar cannot reach the house.

Daily activities like work must be done while fasting. By doing activities can make fasting not feel heavy. Some were even shocked because they were so enthusiastic about doing their jobs that they suddenly broke their fast.

Everyone wants to break their fast together with their beloved family at home or other places such as restaurants. But sometimes it is not fulfilled. With so breaking the fast when traveling by car can not be avoided.

This does not make sad, because breaking the fast on the way can also be delicious. Here are some tips on breaking the fast compilation on the way that can be used as additional information for readers.

1. Prepare Food and Drinks

By preparing everything, the trip becomes fun, and breaking the fast becomes more enjoyable. You can estimate your travel time before moving into a car to travel. Such as returning home from the office, when it is estimated to be stuck in traffic. Then it can buy provisions in advance near the office to keep watch while traveling.

In addition, you can also choose snacks such as bread or biscuits and drinks to cancel the fast. That way when you get home you can eat accompanied by your beloved family. But if it turns out that the estimates were made wrong and the trip was stuck without traffic. Then you should stop for a moment to buy food or drinks temporarily. To break the fast if it’s time to break the fast.

Especially nowadays everything is modern. You can order go-food to drive it where you are stuck in traffic. Besides choosing fast food is also not a problem. It is recommended to avoid foods that are coconut milk or fried foods. Because they can be susceptible to an empty stomach after a day of fasting.

2. Breaking with the Sweet One

The choice of drinks to break the fast during a trip can restore lost energy during fasting. It is advisable to avoid cold drinks on an empty stomach. You can also choose sweet drinks that are not cold.

3. Breaking in the Vehicle

For private car users, there is no harm in preparing food and drinks to break their fast on the way. Like for example when stuck in traffic. Then you do not have to get out of the car to buy at the stall.

To break the fast on the trip you should stop the car first. And make sure it is in a safe and comfortable condition. Do not let when you break the fast in the Car. By blocking other motorists who want to pass. You can also look for stops such as mosques. Or rest areas, gas stations, and others that are sure to be safe and comfortable.

You also do not need to be confused when wanting to break the fast at home but stuck in traffic. And you can break the fast with snacks or drinks, then continue the journey. So that the appetite will not disappear after arriving home.

Food Trucks, Make Profits from a Walking Restaurant

The food truck business is the choice of most entrepreneurs today. This method is one of the interesting innovations to sell other than selling carts. Currently, it is booming selling by using this truck. Besides being practical it can move places of sale. With this concept, it is quite interesting. So that quite a lot of fans because of its uniqueness.

The phenomenon of restaurant walking aka food trucks lately is indeed being widely discussed. Especially among young people millennial. The trend of peddling various kinds of culinary in this car began to be loved by the public since 2013. Especially in the regions of big cities in Indonesia. But over time business with the concept of a walking restaurant has recently begun to mushroom in the corners of the city.

Following the development of big cities in the world. It turns out that food truck business opportunities in Indonesia are no less promising. The reason is, almost every day in the corner of the city crowd. Already lined up cars that open stalls food trucks various food and beverage menus.

By using a traveling car, you do not need to pay to rent a place. So it is not surprising that at this time many culinary businesses choose this strategy, to run their business.

Food Truck Business Analysis

  • Business Info

Most food truck businesses do not only juggle their cars. As business stalls but also as kitchens to process the menus that are served. Food trucks generally sell fast food, snacks, and various types of beverage businesses.

Suppose the business that you run is culinary. What you need to do before running it is to modify the car that you will use for culinary business. Then you need to prepare all the equipment related to food and drinks. From spoons to tables and chairs that are easily folded or easily put in your car. Try to choose equipment that is practical to carry. So that your car is enough to accommodate all the needs needed by the business.

  • Target Market

It could be said that culinary businesses like food trucks are popular with everyone. Because everyone needs food. You can also determine your customers according to the whereabouts of your car. For example, in the campus environment, schools, centers such as markets, and entertainment venues.

So you can reach consumers from various walks of life. Another reason that makes this food truck business idea an interesting business idea to try. Is that with the ball pick-up system it will be certain that the target market is wider. And more because customers come from various places.

Business benefits There are various advantages to choosing a food or beverage business with this food truck. If you don’t want to rent a place to run your business. Then a business with a mobile car can be used as an alternative choice. Delicious again, the place you want you can specify as you wish.

In other words, for example, if your sales in place A are not so in demand. Then you can move your food truck stall to the destination to place B which is more crowded. And so on.

  • Business Constraints

The obstacle in running this business is whether or not the type of culinary you sell to customers. So try to make a delicious and interesting food menu. And in accordance with the concept that you carry on a food truck.

Other obstacles besides the problem, if the rainy season comes, it slightly hinders work. Because if the car is opened, then water will enter. And consumers are also uncomfortable when eating outdoors in the rain.

  • Marketing Strategy

Modify your car as attractive as possible, so consumers are interested in visiting your business. In addition, also install tires around the car. So that people who accidentally pass by the location know the existence of your business.

Also, offer a unique menu at an affordable price. You can mimic the concept of food trucks abroad which began to introduce the drive-thru concept. So vehicles that pass through your food truck. Can order food without having to wait long.

  • The Key to Success

While the key to the success of this business lies in the comfort, cleanliness, and taste of your cuisine. Pay attention to the appearance of your car. So consumers feel comfortable when eating at your place. Also, provide a few folding tables and chairs as a place for consumers to enjoy your snacks.

Second, keep food, equipment, and the environment around the business location clean. Choose an environment that is far from trash or sewers. To maintain the taste of the cuisine, select a chef who is truly qualified. If necessary to use a strict selection when recruiting employees.

The Strategy of Running a Food Truck Business

To load your food truck business looks more attractive compared to competitors. So what you have to do is to provide a unique strategy of course.

  • Modification of Food Trucks

Modify your food truck to be more interesting and unique. This aims to make your truck easy to remember and stand out from the rest. Making food trucks more attractive is also intended as a promotional media.

  • Attractive Menu

Provide a unique and certainly interesting food menu. An interesting new food menu will certainly make many customers curious. For that, try food service that has not been much occupied.

  • Interesting Concepts

The concept is also interesting. Furthermore, the present attractive packaging to support the appearance and also as a way of promotion. Create food or beverage packaging that you offer to make it look more attractive. And in accordance with the concept of the food truck, you are carrying. To help improve the packaging of food or drinks in We help design the concept according to your wishes.

  • Active on Social Media

Being active on social media is one way to update information about your business. Businesses with the concept of food trucks will certainly move from place to place. So try to always be active on social media. So that customers do not miss the information where you hang out. The menus that are served and promos that are in effect.

  • Positive Reviews

Positive online reviews are urgently needed for culinary entrepreneurs. This is one thing that needs to be considered because the public is now more confident with the reviews. Or testimonials about funding a business. So try to provide the best service to maintain the image of your business.

  • Promos and Discounts

Hold promos and discounts. Being a moment that is highly anticipated by the public if there is a promo discount. So to attract customers there’s nothing wrong. If you hold a discount or promo on a certain day.

  • Creativity and Innovation

Continue to be creative and play with innovation. Never stop to keep learning and innovating to make the appearance. And a presentation of menus more attractive so that customers are not bored.

  • Food Samples

Finally provide food samples in your food truck. To make customers trust the taste of the food you offer, there is no harm in providing food samples.

That’s enough of the description of the strategy of running this food truck business. Hopefully, it can help provide information that you can make a reference.

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