Breaking fast during a trip can be due to several reasons, such as traveling for long distances. Can also pass a jam so that it escapes iftar cannot reach the house.

Daily activities like work must be done while fasting. By doing activities can make fasting not feel heavy. Some were even shocked because they were so enthusiastic about doing their jobs that they suddenly broke their fast.

Everyone wants to break their fast together with their beloved family at home or other places such as restaurants. But sometimes it is not fulfilled. With so breaking the fast when traveling by car can not be avoided.

This does not make sad, because breaking the fast on the way can also be delicious. Here are some tips on breaking the fast compilation on the way that can be used as additional information for readers.

1. Prepare Food and Drinks

By preparing everything, the trip becomes fun, and breaking the fast becomes more enjoyable. You can estimate your travel time before moving into a car to travel. Such as returning home from the office, when it is estimated to be stuck in traffic. Then it can buy provisions in advance near the office to keep watch while traveling.

In addition, you can also choose snacks such as bread or biscuits and drinks to cancel the fast. That way when you get home you can eat accompanied by your beloved family. But if it turns out that the estimates were made wrong and the trip was stuck without traffic. Then you should stop for a moment to buy food or drinks temporarily. To break the fast if it’s time to break the fast.

Especially nowadays everything is modern. You can order go-food to drive it where you are stuck in traffic. Besides choosing fast food is also not a problem. It is recommended to avoid foods that are coconut milk or fried foods. Because they can be susceptible to an empty stomach after a day of fasting.

2. Breaking with the Sweet One

The choice of drinks to break the fast during a trip can restore lost energy during fasting. It is advisable to avoid cold drinks on an empty stomach. You can also choose sweet drinks that are not cold.

3. Breaking in the Vehicle

For private car users, there is no harm in preparing food and drinks to break their fast on the way. Like for example when stuck in traffic. Then you do not have to get out of the car to buy at the stall.

To break the fast on the trip you should stop the car first. And make sure it is in a safe and comfortable condition. Do not let when you break the fast in the Car. By blocking other motorists who want to pass. You can also look for stops such as mosques. Or rest areas, gas stations, and others that are sure to be safe and comfortable.

You also do not need to be confused when wanting to break the fast at home but stuck in traffic. And you can break the fast with snacks or drinks, then continue the journey. So that the appetite will not disappear after arriving home.