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Unique Concept of Transportation Restaurants in Surabaya

Choosing where to eat, now is no longer just a matter of tongue and stomach. Places to eat that are uniquely designed. And attractive are proven to be able to provide extraordinary sensations for culinary connoisseurs. So, it is not surprising that this unique restaurant. Or cafe with a nuance of transportation in Surabaya has become a favorite of customers.

The Unique Concept

Entering the main room of The Noodles Airlines Eatery seemed to open the aircraft cabin. At first glance, visitors will not feel inside a restaurant. Therefore, the design of the restaurant which is located on Jl. Manyar Kertoarjo V/12 was really made as closely as possible to an aircraft cabin. Inside the restaurant. There are 34 blue seats arranged parallel to each other. The lighting, the arrangement of the table. And the accessories remind us of one of the airlines. The interior design was made exactly like airplanes. Small window clusters with pictures of clouds make visitors feel like flying in the air.


In order to feel the atmosphere more inside the aircraft. Visitors are also served by waitresses dressed as flight attendants and aircraft captains. Friendly, the waiters deliver the dishes ordered by customers using the trolley. In fact, in the midst of eating activities. The visitors also hear instructions. Or guides like when going on an airplane. Visitors are instructed to tighten the seat belts, to close the aircraft window. “We really want to show a restaurant that is really similar to the cabin atmosphere on an airplane,” said Valeriana Rosmaya (23), owner of The Noodles Airline Eatery.

Valeriana is not alone in running this business. Together with her two friends, Regina Verayanti (22) and Chrysilla Natahania (22). They opened this restaurant since May 17, 2013. The main idea sparks when the three of them watched Habibie and Ainun. At that time, they were thinking of making a restaurant with an airplane concept. Because they want to continue the work of the former President of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) in a different way. “We really can’t make airplanes. But at least, we can make a cafe with an airplane concept like this, “added Vera.

You could say the restaurant open every time. 11:00 to 22:00 are the busy hours for the restaurant. The majority, visitors are family and children. Especially airplane souvenirs girts for kids customers. Not surprisingly, every day. They are able to spend 100 to 250 servings of food menus. In fact, in the near future. They plan to open branches in the West Surabaya area. “From the beginning, we promote this place intensively massive. And now, there are quite a lot of customers here,” Valeriana said.

Inside The Dream

In other places, the people of Surabaya are certainly familiar with the Dream Cars restaurant. The restaurant with 10 classic car ornaments is one of the places to eat which is quite a lot of loyal fans. In fact, the artist had even stopped at the restaurant. Call it like Bondan Winarno, Ayushita, Nunung, and Andre Taulany. Then Sule, Kevin Julio, Marcell Chnadrawinata. And a series of other capital artists. Amazingly, Dream Cars are the only restaurant with full classic car design. And won the World Record. And MURI awards as a unique restaurant nuanced classic cars.

Dream Cars owner. Bobby Handojo explained the concept of this classic car restaurant is a long time dream. Noted. There are seats and wall hangings transformed from 10 classic cars from his father’s private collection. One type of red Mercedes Benz Limousine output in 1949 made into a dining table for 20 people.

There is also a modified Chevrolet Corvette output from 1969 into an aquarium. It takes a long time and a large amount of money to create a restaurant with this family’s target market. “If it is a hobby it is difficult to describe. Restaurants with this concept have been our dream for a long time. And this is why we name it the Dream Cars restaurant,” said Bobby.

Grand Opening

The restaurant, open for service officially on February 14, 2010. Various groups of people spread information and visit this restaurant. Although the interior design is quite luxurious. They offer a fairly friendly price. Vulnerable prices for food in Dream Cars range from Rp 20 thousand. Bobby did not dismiss. The main advantage of the restaurant he made lies in the interior design. The alumni of the University of Surabaya (Ubaya) also explained that a group of classic cars in his restaurant had their own magnets. “Our superiority is on the design. Only certain segments like the vintage style like this, “he explained.

Unique Restaurant Offers Different Dining Sensations

The proliferation of restaurant businesses led to various types of concepts. This unique concept is another attraction for visitors. Here are 5 references.

The culinary business never dies. Its development is very diverse with many different concepts. Some restaurants come with unusual concepts by offering a different dining experience.

Research Jakarta Dining Index released by trattoriadacarmelo.com, a restaurant search and reservation site in Jakarta. Said that the number of middle and upper-class restaurants during the last five years increased by 250%.

The research shows that more and more people in Jakarta like to eat in restaurants. Throughout 2013, the Jakarta community visited 380 million times. Besides the trend of visiting restaurants is not just triggered by the biological needs of people to eat.

However, as well as being a place for socialization. The rapid growth of social media users. In the last five years has also driven the trend of eating in restaurants. People like to display their photos when in a good restaurant.

For this reason, many new players offer different concepts. Not only interesting food menus. But they make the interior and theme of the restaurant as attractive. As possible to pamper culinary lovers with a different atmosphere while dining.

The following are five unique concept restaurants that must be on your culinary hunting list:

1. Hospitalis Restaurant & Bar

If you have been treated in a hospital. You must have eaten hospital food that is said to be tasteless. But the culinary offered by this hospital is different from the general hospital menu. This hospital is a restaurant located on Jl. Ahmad Dahlan No.31 Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.

Hospitalis Restaurant & Bar carries the concept of hospital as their interior design. Not only the building that looks like a hospital. But the interior starts from the seating and tableware used.

This restaurant serves a variety of processed seafood, beef, and chicken. The restaurant  guaranteeing to make your stress pain disappear with their food. Likewise, the pain of longing with old friends also helped. Ready to try different sensations to eat.

2. Bong Kopitown

The first restaurant resembles a hospital, this one resembles a prison. Bong Kopitown makes you feel like an ‘inmate’. But surely you will not refuse if imprisoned here. The dish not will be serving like in the original prison.

You can order a delicious and delicious food menu. In stark contrast to the food in the original prison. Bong Chandra is the founding of Bong Kopitown cafe. One of the young entrepreneurs who is also a writer. Carrying a unique theme that is expected to be an attraction.

With a unique concept proven to make this restaurant a bustling cup visited. Located on Boulevard Raya Blok PD1 No. 5-6, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. And several branches like the one on Citywalk Sudirman Lt. GF No. 15-16, Plaza Semanggi Lt. 3 No. 9. And in cities outside Jakarta.

3. The Lab Café

Not only hospitals and prisons are made into a restaurant concept, this one has a laboratory theme. The cafe in Ruko Crown Golf, Blok D, No. 29, Jalan Pantai Indah Kapuk carries the atmosphere of a laboratory complete with all objects related to the laboratory.

The cutlery used to serve food in the form of measuring cups, test tubes, and other lab items. The food menu also uses quite unique names. Like Wildberry Tea, Jasmine Green Tea with Orange Bubble, and also Crepes Madness.

4. Samudera Laut 73

Feel the atmosphere of eating as if you were on a boat certainly is very interesting to try. Oceanic shades with aquariums and sea ornaments and porthole will add to the atmosphere of the sea. Not to mention the aquarium-shaped table with beautiful fishes that accompany our meal.

The restaurant is located on Jl. Boulevard Raya Blok QA1 No.2. Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. Nuka every day from 10 am to 10 pm. Samudera Laut 73 serves archipelago food and various salmon in various forms.

Like salmon steak, salmon meatballs, salmon pasta, and much more at a friendly price too. This place is very fitting to be visited at dinner. So that the romantic atmosphere and beauty of the sea can really be felt.

5. Namaaz Dining

Well, the last restaurant reference is Namaaz Dining. This one restaurant does not offer a concept on the interior. And the atmosphere of the restaurant but on an unusual food menu. Namaaz dining is known as one of the unique restaurants in Jakarta. Which is famous for its very unique fine dining menu.

Just imagine the serving a packing chicken curry dish you will get. In the form of wooden pencils and notepaper that looks worn out. In addition, there are also green beans that are packaged in the form of a mixture with foam topping. Aren’t this interesting ideat to try these unique restaurants?

Some Tips for Breaking the Fasting when Traveling by Car

Breaking fast during a trip can be due to several reasons, such as traveling for long distances. Can also pass a jam so that it escapes iftar cannot reach the house.

Daily activities like work must be done while fasting. By doing activities can make fasting not feel heavy. Some were even shocked because they were so enthusiastic about doing their jobs that they suddenly broke their fast.

Everyone wants to break their fast together with their beloved family at home or other places such as restaurants. But sometimes it is not fulfilled. With so breaking the fast when traveling by car can not be avoided.

This does not make sad, because breaking the fast on the way can also be delicious. Here are some tips on breaking the fast compilation on the way that can be used as additional information for readers.

1. Prepare Food and Drinks

By preparing everything, the trip becomes fun, and breaking the fast becomes more enjoyable. You can estimate your travel time before moving into a car to travel. Such as returning home from the office, when it is estimated to be stuck in traffic. Then it can buy provisions in advance near the office to keep watch while traveling.

In addition, you can also choose snacks such as bread or biscuits and drinks to cancel the fast. That way when you get home you can eat accompanied by your beloved family. But if it turns out that the estimates were made wrong and the trip was stuck without traffic. Then you should stop for a moment to buy food or drinks temporarily. To break the fast if it’s time to break the fast.

Especially nowadays everything is modern. You can order go-food to drive it where you are stuck in traffic. Besides choosing fast food is also not a problem. It is recommended to avoid foods that are coconut milk or fried foods. Because they can be susceptible to an empty stomach after a day of fasting.

2. Breaking with the Sweet One

The choice of drinks to break the fast during a trip can restore lost energy during fasting. It is advisable to avoid cold drinks on an empty stomach. You can also choose sweet drinks that are not cold.

3. Breaking in the Vehicle

For private car users, there is no harm in preparing food and drinks to break their fast on the way. Like for example when stuck in traffic. Then you do not have to get out of the car to buy at the stall.

To break the fast on the trip you should stop the car first. And make sure it is in a safe and comfortable condition. Do not let when you break the fast in the Car. By blocking other motorists who want to pass. You can also look for stops such as mosques. Or rest areas, gas stations, and others that are sure to be safe and comfortable.

You also do not need to be confused when wanting to break the fast at home but stuck in traffic. And you can break the fast with snacks or drinks, then continue the journey. So that the appetite will not disappear after arriving home.

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