Not occupying an ordinary room, there is a restaurant in the form of a unique vehicle. Starting from the plane to the truck was transformed into a restaurant area.

To attract the attention of prospective buyers, the owner of the restaurant to apply a unique concept. In fact, often the concept seems crazy and brave. Like the concept of a restaurant that uses a used vehicle.

Vehicles such as multilevel buses, trucks, planes, cars to helicopters. All of them have been transformed into restaurants that offer a lot of food menus. Some restaurant owners claim to have spent a lot of money to start a business. Luckily, the business was not in vain and it was proven that the restaurant was much sought after.

Here are 5 Restaurants of Tangible Unique Vehicles

1. Kebab Restaurant on a Multi-Tier Bus

This unique vehicle-shaped restaurant is in London. The vehicle transformed into a restaurant is a double-decker bus. The multilevel bus restaurant serves a kebab menu. This unique restaurant is a creative idea of ​​a man named Firat and his two colleagues.

Reporting from (19/02) Firat and his colleagues have been thinking about the concept of this unique vehicle-shaped restaurant since last December. Then, 20 days later, he started buying the double-decker bus to make his kebab restaurant.

Firat said that to turn a multilevel bus into a restaurant takes about 2 months. They made preparations by removing some chairs, engines and rear tires. To make room for the table, kitchen chairs and kebab machines,

The kebab restaurant then went viral on social media. Many people in London are interested in stopping by the restaurant inside the vehicle. Visitors who have stopped by said that this was a crazy and creative idea.

2. Meatballs Stalls in Truck Cars

There is a more unique and crazy idea about a restaurant in the form of a unique vehicle. This time, the vehicle chosen was a truck. The green truck has been transformed into a meatball restaurant by the owner, Muhammad Nasir.

In accordance with his idea, the name of the meatball stall was given the name Crazy Meatballs. The location is in the Probolinggo area. Since the appearance of the meatball stall in the truck, it has caused a stir everywhere and has gone viral.

The restaurant in the form of a unique vehicle was first uploaded by a Facebook user via video recording. In the video, it is explained that the owner has poured about 300 million to make the meat shop.

The business has apparently been undertaken since 2014. Even Muhammad Nassir has 6 meatball stalls in 6 truck trucks and is spread in Probolinggo. One serving of meatballs is priced around Rp. 10,000

3. Restaurants Onboard

Restaurants on this plane are also visited by many people. The location is in the Ancol area, North Jakarta. The restaurant seems luxurious because it uses a vehicle in the form of a plane. The restaurant is known by the name Taman Santap Rumah Kayu.

Taman Santap Rumah Kayu uses real type 737-400 owned by Sriwijaya Air. The message was then transformed into a restaurant that offers many food menus. The concept offered here is a green restaurant.

Interestingly, the waiter there was also in uniform like a flight attendant. So that visitors there can enjoy meals with the sensation in a real plane.

For the menu, there are grilled game, gado-gado, cah kale and many more. In addition, there you are also free to capture the moment in the pilot’s room.

4. Restaurants in the Car

The look of a classic car is indeed very interesting. However, in Taiwan, these classic cars were transformed into restaurants. The restaurant in the car is named Ps Bu Bu which serves a popular western food menu.
Apparently, the restaurant in the form of a unique vehicle has been around since 1999. From the beginning until now, PS Bu Bu still uses classic cars as a place for visitors to eat. Reporting from Odditycentral, there are many types of classic cars that are used.

These types start from the 1963 Cadillac 6200 Series Coupe, Mini Austin, Volkswagen Beetle, and 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air. The classic cars were then transformed into a comfortable place for visitors to dine there.

The restaurant in the form of a unique vehicle was then much in demand by visitors. In fact, many tourists are interested to stop by the restaurant. Many visitors also capture the moment when dining in the car.

5. Restaurants Inside the Helicopter

If you want to enjoy food above the height, we can try the restaurant that is inside this helicopter. The restaurant is known as Roocopter One. Interestingly, the helicopter will fly above 1,000 feet.
So that there you can enjoy a walk of food chili in the air. Roocopter One was originally only located in London, England. However, reportedly the restaurant in the vehicle will also be in Australia.

Reporting from This Is Insider (1/8) to try to experience the dining experience. Visitors must buy food with a total price that has been determined. Minimum of around Rp. 2.8 million. This price includes the experience of dining in the air.

The sensation of eating in the helicopter can be enjoyed for 20 minutes. The journey starts from the Battersea helipad, then rounds London then returns to its original place. During the flight, visitors can see the view from the height.